Sports RV 30A Generator Adapter L14-30P Locking Male Plug to TT-30R Female Connector

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* NEMA L14-30P to NEMA TT-30R RV power adapter. 125V/3750W, only out put 125V, support max 30 Amp overload.

* Weatherproof and corrosion resistant.  One-piece unbreakable PVC housing, No Assembly Required.

* Generator Locking 4-prong 30A L14-30 male plug. RV 3-prong 30A 125V TT-30 female receptacle. Connect Locking 30 AMP L14-30 plug to RV with a standard 30 AMP TT-30 RV adapter, Heavy-duty round power adapter plug for generator.

* 100% copper conductor inside, Heavy-duty round AC power adapter for generator.

* Straight-style adapter to be used in place of dogbone adapter cord, easy to use compact design.